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"The rooms are clean, comfortable, well-appointed and have wireless internet connection. Beds are very comfortable, baths are commodious, sparkling, and have hot hot water in a flash. The innkeeper knows his stuff."
          - G.C., Winchester, NH

"Thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable."
          - Carol Fenner

"I'm so thrilled to have found this place, and I'll be back again."
          - Brenda, Atlanta.

"The Inn has a very pleasant atmosphere and owner, as well as the nicest website in the Litchfield county. They serve the best blueberry pancakes in town - you gotta try them!"
          - V.F., South Kent, CT

"Chose Starbuck Inn based on reviews on this board. It is located perfectly on the main road but looks out on rolling hills which were ablaze with color. The room was beautiful and comfortable. Can't wait to go back next year."
          - W.N., Brooklyn, NY

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